The World Social Science Forum (WSSF) is taking place this week in Fukuoka, Japan, bringing together social scientists from all around the world to solve global priority problems. This year’s Forum is dedicated to the issue of security.

Several IPSP authors participated in an invited session of the Forum on Wednesday, September 26. Entitled “Building a Safer Future through Social Progress,” the session included the following speakers:

  • Elisa Reis (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Coordinating Lead Author of IPSP Chapter 1)
    – on socio-cultural conflicts and belonging
  • Vivian Lin (La Trobe University, Australia, Lead Author of Chapter 11)
    – on public health threats and their roots in inequalities
  • Hideaki Shinoda (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan, Lead Author of Chapter 10)
    – on peace-building and social issues
  • Ingrid Volkmer (University of Melbourne, Australia, Lead Author of Chapter 13)
    – on the global public sphere in the digital age.

For more information, see the WSSF website.