Since the International Panel on Social Progress wants to remain fully independent, funding is assembled from a wide range of academic institutions, international foundations, and philanthropists. The careful selection of institutional funders as well as the diversification of funding sources ensure that the Panel operates and develops its activities without interference.

The unique embeddedness of the work with stakeholders through a strong co-design and co-implementation procedure helps mobilize the needed resources. The Panel welcomes various funding opportunities ranging from (i) supports for transversal support of the Panel activities, (ii) grants for thematic activities of the Panel or main/specific events, (iii) in-kind contributions (development, communication, etc.).

All levels of contributions are welcome as the Panel is an inclusive science for action initiative.

Financial contributions are formalized via bilateral conventions with the scientific foundation hosting IPSP and based in Paris, France. Independently audited financial reporting is guaranteed by a recognized experience with international multi-partner projects.

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