How to support IPSP as a civil society organization ?

The International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP) seeks civil society partnerships to tackle complex societal challenges through innovative, multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches. These partnerships enable IPSP to leverage the expertise of diverse stakeholders, facilitating the co-construction and co-realization of activities such as reports, briefs, toolkits, workshops, and outreach programs. This collaboration is essential for addressing interconnected societal issues of inequalities, climate change, and participatory deliberation. 

Guided by principles of collaboration and co-creation

IPSP welcomes civil society partners as active participants in developing its projects and initiatives. It ensures that the joint findings, insights and concrete solutions are comprehensive and grounded in solid and diverse methods and perspectives.

Effective partnerships hinge on the free flow of information, with both IPSP and its civil society partners committed to sharing knowledge and findings openly. This principle extends to the dissemination of research outcomes to a broad audience, ensuring that the insights generated drive social progress. All collaborations are governed by high ethical standards of work collaboration and a commitment to integrity, with principles of transparency, accountability, and respect for intellectual property. This ensures mutual benefits for both IPSP and its civil society partners.

Civil society partners benefit significantly from collaborating with IPSP. They have access to the IPSP extensive network, which includes top scholars, changemakers, and leaders from the public and private sectors. Partners participate in high-impact projects, contributing to influential briefs and toolkits that shape global policy and practice. They receive support for innovative projects, funding opportunities, and professional development for program managers and collaborators through participation in conference,s workshops, and webinars.

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