Humanity is at a crossroads. Environmental degradation, widening inequalities, democratic decline, dysfunctional global governance and the challenges posed by disruptive technological innovations have never weighed so heavily on the future of human societies. The International Panel on Social Progress mobilizes a group of several hundred academics, entrepreneurs, associative activists, government officials and philanthropists worldwide to identify the best opportunities for transformation and initiate processes of just, democratic and sustainable transition.

2014 - 2019 : Laying the foundations for a better society

Launched by a global group of 300 social scientists, the Panel’s first cycle presented a broad picture of the kind of institutions and reforms that, with substantial variation around the world, could inspire the advent of a society founded on the values of equality, freedom, emancipation, participation, inclusion and respect for the planet.

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2024 - 2027: Mobilizing collective intelligence for action

With a collective expanded to include players from the research and practice communities, the Panel has a renewed ambition: to identify and promote actions, initiatives and reforms that will transform the dynamics underway and guide the transition process, thanks to the mobilization of public, private and non-governmental players.

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A New Society

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Filmmakers Sofie Wolthers and Eileen Jerrett have created a new documentary about the work of the IPSP. The film is now available online!


IPSP in Le Monde

Four articles by IPSP in Le Monde (April 19, 2024) ! « Pour éviter un avenir dystopique, engageons les transformations systémiques nécessaires », par Merike Blofield, université de Hambourg, Olivier Bouin, Fondation du réseau français des instituts d’études...

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