Connecting and using the platform

The platform offers several services to actors, communities and networks:

  • identify inspiring initiatives and projects
  • activate follow-up or contact with peer project leaders
  • encourage collaboration thanks to an interconnected system of actors and project holders
  • benefit from the expertise of our staff and increased visibility

As a portal for relevant contents relating to the operationalization of the social progress agenda, the collective intelligence platform is a digital network on which contributors and users exchange ideas, initiatives, assessments and mobilizations for social progress.

Registration will open next fall !

Registration on the platform

Registration on the platform will be open to all: individuals, entrepreneurs, communities, grass-root organizations, networks, funders, philanthropists, policymakers, etc. Each contributor will fill in a simple registration form (one per initiative). It would include :

  • the name(s) of the project holder(s),
  • their organization(s)/affiliation(s),
  • domain(s),
  • discipline(s),
  • area(s)/country(ies),
  • project type(s),
  • a short description in text and/or in video that would comprise fivekey elements: 
    1. what is the problem you address?
    2. (b) what is the approach and how is it innovative?
    3. (c) why is it successful and how is this success measured?
    4. (d) to what extent could this successful initiative be replicated in other contexts?
    5. (e) how do you take into account and deal with the externalities your initiative generates
  • links to relevant online resources or documents.

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