Lisbon Conference: 2nd Meeting of the Lead Authors

From January 26 to January 28, 2017, the IPSP held its second meeting for the 250+ lead authors and coordinating lead authors. The meeting took place at the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL), Portugal.

The aim of the meeting was to determine a strategy for revising each of the 22 IPSP chapters in light of hundreds of public comments, focusing particular attention on each chapter’s action toolkit and specific policy recommendations.

Spring 2016: IPSP Chapter Workshops

Over the first half of 2016, the authors of each of the IPSP chapters met in various locations throughout the world. These meetings and workshops allowed the authors to come together in person and make progress on the writing of their chapter’s first draft.

Istanbul Conference: 1st Meeting of the Lead Authors

The first meeting of the Lead Authors of the International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP) was held in Turkey at İstanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul in August 2015. It was the first general gathering of the authors and launched the panel.

The goal of the meeting was to discuss the general orientation of the report and the method followed in the drafting of the report; to let chapter teams meet separately and finalize their outline; to coordinate the work of various chapters on cross-cutting issues.

First Meeting of the Scientific Council (January 2015)

The first meeting of the Scientific Council took place in Paris in January 2015 (a few days after the Charlie event). It produced a detailed draft of the report outline.