Interventions in the political action space

The Panel intends to be active in the political action space without any partisanship or political affiliation. The overarching objective is the promotion of the social progress agenda and of its various components and dimensions. This means that, beyond the knowledge production as well as the dissemination effort with leading international organizations and influential think tanks, the Panel will engage into two major efforts:

  • Support for specific reforms, and legal, political, social or financial innovations, that would be consistent with the overall social progress agenda and would tick all the boxes of positive intersectional externalities. This support could be concretized by launching —but more likely in the first phase, joining— global collective actions pushing for change. Two prerequisites form the basis of the clear framework needed to guide the decision-making process: (a) prior and/or ad hoc IPSP work should provide strong theoretical justification and empirical evidence to support a specific measure or initiative, (b) the main governing body of the Panel, i.e., the Coordination Council composed of twelve members of the Advisory Board, has to approve any decision by a unanimous decision.


  • Innovation in coalition-building to create a global momentum for the social progress agenda and/or some of its components. There is a shared conviction that only cross-sectoral efforts that include benevolent leaders from government, business, philanthropy, civil society and academia, have the potential both to impact the public realm and to lead to some concrete changes. This may imply building partnerships with leading organizations of the various sectors to move forward collectively and demonstrate that the proposed changes/reforms are supported by prominent people from the various communities. This is easier written than done, but the process of intersectoral antagonism and confrontation has failed enough not to try something different without naivety, nor idealism.