Collaborations between IPSP and philanthropy

The International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP) seeks collaborations and partnerships with leading international foundations. The worldwide multi-stakeholder network and the large-scale initiatives launched by the Panel do provide game-changing funding opportunities for leading international philanthropy.

Leading international foundations are a key component of the multi-stakeholder combined expertise and process. They help produce innovative insights, recommendations, and toolkits to tackle complex societal challenges.

These collaborations enable IPSP to support the expertise of academic institutions and civil society organizations, facilitating the co-construction and co-realization of activities such as reports, briefs, seminars, conferences, and outreach programs. This collaboration is essential for addressing the pressing interconnected societal issues of inequalities, climate change, participatory deliberation, and social justice.

Guided by principles of co-creation and co-realization

IPSP interacts with leading international foundations in full accordance with their work priorities and processes. It works on a case by case basis to adapt its collaborative mode to the joint topical priorities and to the temporality of the main calls. 

All collaborations are governed by high ethical standards of work collaboration and a commitment to scientific integrity, with principles of transparency, accountability, and respect for intellectual property.

Privileged access to respective networks, cross participation in working groups (with the foundations staff, partners, or grantees), task forces and events, and joint dissemination ensure that the collaboration between IPSP and leading international foundations are mutually beneficial. 

Such collaboration on high-impact projects contributes to influential reports and briefs that help shape global policy and practice with the support of top scholars, changemakers, and leaders from the public and private sectors.

IPSP engages with international foundations such as the European Climate Foundation, Fundacao Gulbenkian, the Riksbanks Jubileumsfond, the BNP Paribas Foundation, Crédit Mutuel, etc. The first activities of the second cycle received support from the European Climate Foundation and the Foundation maison des sciences de l’Homme. 

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