Honorary Advisory Committee

The Honorary Advisory Committee is composed of distinguished moral and intellectual leaders who lend their support to the panel. The President of the Committee is Professor Amartya Sen, recipient of the Nobel Prize in economics, and renowned scholar and intellectual.

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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee makes the general strategic decisions, selects the co-chairs of the Scientific Council, and, with the co-chairs, selects the members of the Scientific Council. The Steering Committee is composed of a dozen scholars of diverse origins and disciplines, who combine first-rate scholarship and experience in research management.

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Scientific Council

The Scientific Council advises the Steering Committee on the orientation and outline of the report. It also assists in coordinating author appointments, and comments on the draft of the report in preparation for the final draft.


The Authors are over 250 leading academics and researchers from all around the world who will be collaboratively co-authoring the 2018 report. Each chapter of the report is developed by a group of two coordinating lead authors and five to ten lead authors.

Associate members

Associate Members provide advice and support on various fronts (feedback and editorial assessment, impact, media, publishing, films and videos…)

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The Secretariat will manage practical and logistical issues, organize meetings, and help with communication operations. The Foundation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH) in Paris and Princeton University host the Secretariat.” with “The Secretariat manages practical and logistical issues, organizes meetings and coordinates communication. Initially hosted by FMSH (Paris) and Princeton University, it is now shared between Princeton University and the IPSP association.

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