IPSP participated in the final jury selection 2024 of social innovation projects for La France s’engage. 44 pre-selected projects – out of almost 400 eligible applications for the 2024 call– have been presented by their founders or managers. They offered innovative and effective solutions to the most pressing social challenges of our time.
On this occasion, IPSP and La France s’engage became partners, supporting research and initiatives for social progress!

Photo : Cyril Marcilhacy

The Foundation La France s’engage nation-wide competition echoes the mission of IPSP. The Panel identifies and promotes actions, initiatives and reforms that can transform current dynamics and contribute to a just, democratic and sustainable transition. The Panel deploys expertise on the key components of social progress (socio-economic innovation, inclusiveness, democratic deliberation, human and planetary well-being). The finalist projects were very much in line with the IPSP ambition because they promoted social and professional integration, gender equality and reduction of inequalities by proposing innovative social and environmental initiatives of general interest !