Constituting a reliable information source about social progress

The IPSP website offers a free online resource base about social progress for a larger public eager to learn more about the most inspiring initiatives and about their actors. It gives access to indexed resources and material posted by the IPSP secretariat and community: publications (reports, briefs, notes, knowledge graphs), databases of initiatives and actors, data stories, webinars, MOOCs, podcasts, blogs, as well as a rich array of links to relevant reports and publications from other sources and other useful material (especially free online resources).

The online portal will host an open space in which contributors and users will exchange interests and ideas. Users will be able to ask questions to the IPSP community. The Secretariat will channel these questions to the corresponding contributors and reviewers to disseminate appropriate knowledge and expertise. This consultation mechanism could be used during the preparation of IPSP reports in order to elicit comments and suggestions, as is customary in report-making processes of the IPCC.

Specific access modes will be featured for various target audiences: scholars, civil society actors, corporations, policymakers, teachers/ students, etc. For the media, it will promote direct access to the most useful sources, publications, and experts in order to contribute to an informed debate on social progress and to strengthen journalistic knowledge and competence for strong independent coverage on social progress.

The International Panel on Social Progress has already produced many contents — most of them fully accessible, to inspire change-makers, journalists, students and researchers in search of ideas for better societies in the 21st century.

And many more contents to be accessible soon as the Panel restarts its activities!