To support communities of sustainable practice with the most innovative and actionable knowledge on societal challenges, the Panel will develop activities on three fronts:

Delivering actionable knowledge and tools

Reports and briefs will offer clear recommendations and relevant toolkits, knowing that priorities and implementation conditions depend on local contexts. All IPSP productions will be fully accessible online in the 10 most spoken languages globally. The selection of topics and the drafting process will rely on a participatory mechanism that will involve a large set of representative stakeholders and scholars from all regions of the world.

The International Platform for Social Progress

The online, free, and global portal will provide: an expert-reviewed repository of inspiring practices and initiatives; a dialogue tool and consultation mechanism for thinkers and doers and a connecting hub for mobilizing change-makers and communities.

The platform will benefit from a rich, diverse, multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral, transnational network of 1,000+ thinkers and doers to promote collaboration and mobilization for social progress.


Dissemination and participatory event

To share ideas and debate solutions with stakeholders and changemakers, IPSP events will have a broadest reach possible.
The World Social Progress Forum will be organized every year on a different continent. World Social Progress Awards will showcase inspirational achievements. An annual declaration will be released during the World Social Progress Day and addressed to international organizations, national governments, and business leaders.

A strong communication strategy

There is strong consensus that an ambitious and well-designed communication strategy needs to be embedded at all levels of the activities. Two basic rules govern the communication strategy:

  • The Panel communicates on its ability to reduce the complexity of the transformation of societies with clear messages on the direction of social progress, the articulation of its components and the coordination of its implementation.
  • The Panel builds trust, prominence, and significance through the high quality of its contents, its periodic regularity (that can be differentiated according to the various demands, for example of social media communication or syndicated press collaboration), the identification of recognized voices in the IPSP community on specific issues, its ability to encapsulate the complex reality of social progress in an accessible and consistent rhetorical messaging and call for action.

The communication strategy relies on a diversity of channels and tools, with a strong digital presence ensured by a continuous stream of information, feedback, reporting on social innovations, experiments and initiatives. In the first phase, the digital dissemination will benefit from the reach of the network of networks, associations and organizations that the Panel is currently constituting. The multiplier effect of the cohorts of followers of IPSP members and partners will help engage with a large and diversified audience.