Contributors Network

The Panel initially gathered a community of 350+ authors and contributors and revealed the existence of an impressive and largely untapped amount of expertise and goodwill in academia. Building on this nucleus, we want to upscale the connections with a much larger set of researchers and students, as well as to extend the networking to the large universe of civil society actors and changemakers. This will form a community of 1.000+ contributors, associates and helpers who will be invited to submit ideas and initiatives, to provide feedback on report drafts and other deliverables, and to increase the reach of the Panel. This network will be a key, though not exclusive, channel through which ideas will circulate both ways between society and the active members of IPSP.

As a part of the Contributors Network, an Academic Consortium will be composed of universities, research organizations, graduate schools from the five continents that support the Panel activities. In each member institution an academic referent will serve as the coordination point for regional actions of research or dissemination to facilitate their organization and reach. No exclusive link is nonetheless granted to these institutions as the Panel will remain free to work with any relevant and meaningful actors in the country or in the region. The Consortium will welcome other any other academic institutions that would like be associated to the Panel activities and link with their communities to help them contribute, disseminate and strengthen the impact on society.