IPSP Report to be Co-Authored by 220+ Academics

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The International Panel on Social Progress will be publishing its first report in 2017. Composed of 22 chapters and three key sections – Socio-Economic Transformations (I), Political Regulation, Governance and Societal Transformations (II), and Transformations in Values, Norms, Cultures (III) -, research will range from economic inequality, to democracy and law, over to religion and family.

This research and the authoring of the report will be conducted by over 200 academics who collectively stem from over five continents and find their homes in more than ten different academic disciplines. A majority of the authors are political scientists (24%), economists (18%), and sociologists (18%), but some of the academics stem from the fields of Law (9%), Philosophy (7%), and – perhaps surprisingly – even Architecture (6%).

Each of the 22 chapters is being tackled by a group composed of 8-10 academics, two of which are Coordinating Lead Authors (CLAs) responsible for arranging group meetings, structuring the chapter outline, and coordinating with the CLAs of the other chapters.

In August, many of the 200 authors will be coming together in Istanbul for the IPSP 1st conference of the authors. This gathering – closed to the public – will be an opportunity for the authors to get to know one another, plan the coming 24 months, and begin their work on the report.

You can find a full list of the authors and their home institutions on our Authors Page.