An article presenting the IPSP initiative and the Report, touching major issues regarding the environmental dimensions of social progress, has been published in La Nuova Ecologia, the official monthly magazine of Legambiente, an Italian association.

Legambiente (League for the Environment) is the most widespread environmental organization in Italy, with 20 Regional branches and more than 115,000 members. It is acknowledged as “association of environmental interest” by the Ministry of the Environment it represents the UNEP National Committee for Italy, it is one of the leading member of EEB (“European Environmental Bureau”) the Federation of European environmental organization, and of IUCN – the World Conservation Union. The headquarter is in Rome, with a staff made up of fifty professionals and experts on different fields of activity.

Think Globally, Act Locally is a key principle of Legambiente, trying “to make people understand that it is by making local changes that we can create a better environment for everyone on a global scale”.