On Saturday, March 2, the Tucson Festival of Books will hold a discussion and debate of the IPSP’s new book A Manifesto for Social Progress. Written by members of the IPSP Steering Committee, theManifesto for Social Progress summarizes and engages with the findings of the IPSP report. The discussion will feature Marc Fleurbaey, a co-author of the Manifesto, as well as IPSP authors Thomas Christiano (Chapter 14) and Leslye Obiora (Chapter 11). The event will be held on the University of Arizona campus.

The following day, on Sunday, March 3, there will be a screening of A New Society, the new documentary about the IPSP. The screening will take place at The Loft Cinema and will be hosted by the University of Arizona’s Department of Philosophy. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Dr. Noam Chomsky as well as Sofie Wolthers, the director of the documentary, and IPSP authors Marc Fleurbaey, Thomas Christiano, Leslye Obiora, and Eldar Shafir.

For more information about the book discussion, please visit this site, and visit this site to learn more about the film screening.