A+Network continues its programme of in-depth analysis of themes projected to have firm and disrupting
impacts on our future. In 2019 initiatives will be organized in collaboration with some relevant networks,
approaching the same themes from different perspectives. This collaborative effort has involved Centro San
Domenico (CSD), International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP), ASSPECT Camplus College Bologna5,
Associazione Quadrante6 and Federmanager Bologna e Ravenna.

The year-long program is concluding for 2019, and the concluding event will be held T November 29th, 2019 (9:30 am to 1:00 pm) at Centro San Domenico in Bologna (Italy), by convening qualified speakers from academic, entrepreneurial and
managerial areas for an overall exchange of views about the topics considered in 2019 and, in particular, some
issues related to technological and social developments emerging from the IPSP Report.

See below for the event flyer (in Italian). More about the A+Network and their collaboration with IPSP can be found here — A+ Network (Outline collaboration with IPSP)