People – IPSP 2

Honorary Committee

The Honorary Committee will be composed of 15+ high-level personalities that will give moral and political traction to the Panel activities.

Coordinating Council

The Coordination Council impulses the activities of the Advisory Board. It is composed of a mix of personalities involved in the first IPSP cycle and individuals bringing think-tank, philanthropy and international organization experience.

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Advisory Board

The Advisory board will be composed of 50+ high-level/high-impact personalities with relevant competence and experience: international scholars, civil society organizations actors, social innovators, business leaders, (former) policymakers, philanthropists, etc.

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Contributors Network

The Panel initially gathered a community of 350+ authors and contributors and revealed the existence of an impressive and largely untapped amount of expertise and goodwill in academia. Building on this nucleus, we want to upscale the connections with a much larger set of researchers and students, as well as to extend the networking to the large universe of civil society actors and changemakers.

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An Executive Secretariat will be in charge of the overall functioning of the Panel and based in Paris, France. It will be responsible for the management of the research and dissemination activities, the organization of events, the development of the online platform, the communication and the social media, the fundraising, the human resources, and the financial reporting.

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