International Panel on Social Progress

Rethinking Society for the 21st Century

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Bilgi Conference · Istanbul, Turkey · August 2015


Rethinking Society

The International Panel on Social Progress is uniting the world’s leading researchers, sociologists, and economists in a single effort: Developing research-based, multi-disciplinarynon-partisan, action-driven solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time.

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Stockholm, May 17-18: Chapter 9 and 14 Workshops

Chapter 9, on democracy and the rule of law, and Chapter 14, on democracy and equality, will hold their chapter workshops at the Institute for Future Studies in Stockholm, Sweden. The workshops will take place on May 17 and 18 and will be an opportunity for the... read more

Chapter 5 met in Paris on May 6-7

Chapter 5, focused on cities, met at FMSH in Paris, France this past weekend. The chapter is led by CLA Edgar Pieterse (University of Cape Town, South Africa) and CLA Saskia Sassen (Columbia University, USA) as well as eight other lead authors. We thank FMSH for their... read more


Nach der Krise

Nach der Krise

Sozialwissenschafter wollen die Zukunft neu denken – an dem Projekt für eine bessere Welt arbeiten auch österreichische Forscher mit.