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Share ideas and experiences, confront alternative points of view and explore the possibility of reaching consensus. These discussions will inform the preparation of the final report.

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Forum: Have we seen progress in the last decades?

What do you think have been the most important elements of social progress in the last decades, and the most important negative trends? Do you agree with the pessimists who believe that the young generation faces a tougher future than their parents or grand-parents?

Forum: What is a just society? 1 – Is it enough to provide opportunities?

Here is one “hot” question about characterizing social justice: Is it enough to give opportunities to everyone, or should we care about the inequalities that ultimately obtain when some people make more effort than others, or have more luck?

Forum: What is a just society? 2 – What makes anyone deserve social support?

Here is one “hot” question about characterizing social justice: What makes anyone deserve help and support from the more advantaged members of society? A low level of income and wealth, a disadvantaged background, a low level of happiness, a bad health, a subordinated social status?

Forum: What is a just society? 3 – How much priority for the worse off?

Here is one “hot” question about characterizing social justice: How much priority should we give to the disadvantaged members of society?

Forum: Alternatives to GDP

There are many different approaches that have been proposed to replace GDP as the main indicator of national achievement. Share your views about how to measure social progress, and how to find practical statistics for this purpose.

Forum: What is the future of growth?

In this forum you are invited to share your views on how to think of the future of growth. We cannot stop innovation but we can stop destroying the planet and we can eradicate poverty and curb inequalities. The future is not “degrowth” or “no-growth”, but a decoupled growth that preserves the planet while raising well-being. Do you agree?

Forum: Should corporations be democratic?

In some countries, workers are represented in the board of directors of corporations. The IPSP report argues that power should be shared among the main stakeholders of the corporation, in particular workers. Do you agree or disagree?

Forum: What to do about inheritance?

In this forum, share your views about inheritance taxation, what makes it attractive or unattractive, how to make it useful and appreciated by the population…

Forum: Surveillance: Blessing or Curse?

What do you think of government surveillance? How might citizens ensure that state surveillance is used to prevent violent attacks, but is not abused for political purposes?

Forum: Should we have a world government?

At the moment, this idea is not popular, and many fear that a world government could become too powerful and oppressive, or would simply represent the rich countries and attend to their interests. What do you think of this idea? Can you imagine ways in which a central authority at the world level would be viable and beneficial, or should we look for an alternative solution?

Forum: A supranational organization to oversee climate policies?

Do you think a supranational organization like this would be effective at halting climate change? Or should countries retain the authority to make their own decisions when it comes to climate change policy?

Forum: Brexit, Troika and Euroscepticism: The Future of the European Union

What do you like and dislike about the European Union? Where do you see its future? If you had the executive power to make any number of changes, what changes would you make?

Forum: Media in the 21st Century

Where do you get your news from? Do you pay? How would you consider adjusting your behavior to make quality journalism viable and information free: contribute from your own pocket, support government subsidies, …? What do you think of the trade-off between fast information and rigorous research?

Forum: Sharing experiences about religion and social progress

In this forum, we invite you to share your view and, if you wish, your experience, or things you have witnessed, about the role of religion in relation to such social and collective issues as poverty and welfare, education and science, health, community life, inclusion or discrimination of minorities, gender equality, attitudes about nature and animals, environmental preservation, and so on.

Forum: Reforming Religions: Balancing traditions and change

Should religions stay fixed or should they evolve with time? If they remain unchanged, how do religions survive the changing times? If they change over time, how can religions strike a balance between upholding traditions and customs and embracing new values and beliefs?

Forum: Religions: Generating Peace and Conflict

How can religions be peace-builders rather than conflict-generators?  Share your ideas and experiences to explore how this can happen. What can citizens do, what can religious structures do, what can other organizations do?

Forum: The plurality of families

In this forum, you are invited to share experiences about flourishing and hardships in different types of families, and positive/negative aspects in the relations between the family and the rest of society (other families, school, work, the state, religion…).